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was taggeded by this one :iconcuddlesaurus21:

1. Your favorite character from a fandom not set in our modern Earth (i.e. he/she can be from Earth of the fairly distant past or future, and/or from a different planet or fantasy world) has suddenly shown up for a visit! What do you feel is most important to let him/her know first off about living in our world, which might take him/her by surprise?
I'll go with my Favorite Android Data, to which I would  pull him inside  and tell him to not tell anyone he's an Android because the Government would probably take him and turn him into a war machine or something ( good old US of A) and if he was returning to the Enterprise to take me with him.

2. What's the strangest and/or funniest thing that has happened to you this week?
    well strange for me, I'm actually going to a tutoring session today, which I've never really done, because in the past when I try to get help with stuff, the helper usually looked at me like I was an idiot for asking what apparently are simple that kinda feels strange to me actually going to get help for school work...

3. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Nomnom 

4. Would you like to see your favorite live-action movie turned into a cartoon/animation, or would you oppose this?
heheheh think of the possibilities :diabolic: 

5. Do you have any dead pixels on your computer monitor? *stares at the one on mine that is driving me crazy*
Ha, well...funny story....I was doing something for school about 2 years back in which I was trying to use my Pencil digital coloring program to color it in, the program kept crashing and deleting my file, eventually I lost my Vulcan temper and threw the mouse at the screen. That apparently broke some pixels and we had a nice little streak on the monitor until the monitor finally died all together and we got a new wide screen one ( by new I mean one of like 5 monitors my dad has in storage in our bunker/ basement )

6. What's your favorite video game? (If you don't play video games, what's your favorite board or card game?)
Oh boy... Well I like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, So far I really enjoy Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Link between Worlds, hopefully I'll get around to playing Skyward Sword as well. I love Star Trek Online, Star Trek Legacy is pretty fun ( if only I could get past the Archer chapter and onto Kirk, Picard, Sisko and Janeway...-_-' ), Doctor Who: Worlds in Time ( may it rest in Peace) and Lego and Beatle Rockband. ( there's probably others but I canna think of them at the moment )

7. What's the largest object (apart from a building or monument) you ever remember seeing?
I've seen Jupitar.....from the the Sky.....

8. What's your favorite season (spring, summer, fall, or winter)?
Probably Fall or Spring because those are the two seasons where the Temperature in my room is actually decent

9. What common household chore do you hate doing most?
Unloading the Dishwasher. 5'5" and tall cabinets where the heavy stacks of dishes go, plus a counter, It's quite a challenge and not much in the fun department.

10. You and your favorite character (from anything; doesn't have to be the same one as in question #1 unless you want to) have to share a box of doughnuts. Do you split them evenly? Do you fight over the fancy ones with chocolate/cream or sprinkles? Tell me what happens.
Well of course me and the Doctor would share the Donuts evenly until the Master or other alien would come and ruin our morning by trying to invade the Earth....again.

Sparklesplode emote Seems  it's your all's turn to answer MY questions! be afraid, be very afraid Sparklesplode emote 

1. How would you describe me to someone who has no idea who I am?
2. If you had the chance to go to ONE place in the entire World ( Earth, stick to Earth ) for FREE where would you go?
3. What is your favorite quote or quotes, or phrase, etc.
4. Congrats! you've got your Hogwarts letter! About time, now, which house are you put in? Gryffindor(bravery, courage), Slytherin ( cunning and Clever ), Ravenclaw, ( Intelligence, wise ), or Hufflepuff ( kind, loyal )?
5. It's a Clue Mystery at the Library! someone has killed a Library Page ( which according to a fellow page is me....)! Who, where and with what do you think it occured ( ex. Agatha Cristie in the Media section, with a Twilight book )
6.  If you could go back in time and save ONE person from an untimely death, who would you save?
7. Why do you watch me? I'm just curious
8. SHHHH! Listen! What scares you the most?
9. if you could be any kind of Alien what would you be?
10. If the Doctor showed up and asked you to help him find Shards of frozen time, restitch them into the fabric of time, and fight aliens, what would be your weapon of choice? ( ex. Sword, gun, gadget, sonic, frying pan, etc. )

Now the (un)Willing volunteers( victims):
:icondoctorwhovian12345: :iconscotlandmrconductor: :iconmadeyespecsspy: :icondoctorsdelorean4evr: :iconsteamnewt: :iconokamigirlnel: and :iconmolly420:

also if anyone else wants to do this feel free to "Borrow" it :D

~ Run You Clever Deviants and Remember ~

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United States
I'm T'Pala. I'm Half Vulcan. I'm 919 years old. I'm from the Planet Earth in the Country of America, and I'm going to Draw my hearts out. Got a Problem with that?

:iconspocklaplz: Run you Clever Deviants and Remember :iconspocklaplz:


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